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The Heritage of Indian Flavors Welcomes You!

With a focus on high-quality, fresh ingredients without sacrificing the decadent tastes that are the heart of Indian cuisine, our restaurant offers a modern take on the cuisine.

At Punjab Pavilion, we serve delicious Indian food in a contemporary restaurant setting that pays tribute to India’s rich cultural heritage while unmistakably looking to the future. Come discover a whole new world of delectable flavours, from tandoori chicken to Lamb Chops and Butter Chicken. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of delectable vegetarian dishes as well as fantastic desserts that are produced in-house.

Both family dinners and romantic outings are ideal at the restaurant because of its cozy and welcoming ambiance. Customizable spice levels, food sensitivity accommodations, polite employees, and a wide variety of options on the menu are just a few examples of the continuously top-notch customer service that you can expect.


From our customers


This is an absolutely exceptional place to dine. The finest service imaginable. The host for us was an incredible personal and the food was lovely. Can't say enough good things about this place. If you're in Newcastle, you're a fan of great Indian food and exceptional service it's a crime not to dine here.


Pallavi Damble

Authentic Indian food with exceptional taste. The food was very delicious and the staff was also very kind and prompt in their service. Also it is at a convenient location in the city at a walking distance from the Light Rail station.


Frequently visits this Indian Restaurant for great food and even better company. Very friendly staff that clearly demonstrates a passion for the food they present! This is the venue to visit if you are looking for a great Indian experience.

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